Great Care Home

Our elderly care model is recognized and controlled by a specialist nurse from England.  Our services include :

  • The Alzheimer's Elderly Care Program,Bedridden Elderly.
  • Seniors who need care 24/7
  • Seniors who want excellent quality of life.
  • We have a team of experts to take care of your loved ones.
  • Our staff are knowledgeable, skilled, caring, helpful and able to provide excellent care.

We offer a refreshing quality of life for Dementia and Alzheimer guests.
We raise awareness and support people affected by these conditions.

Where are we?

Living among nature in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. Flowers and sunshine surround our community. This is a first class residency for elderly people, designed and constructed by a Swiss architect.

What can we do?

We have an exceptional medical team who have the experience and skills to take care of elderly people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. We give the best care available for these conditions with total consideration for safety and with great respect and love for our clients

This is our promise to you
“Great Care, refreshing quality of life.”

Great Care’s dedicated nursing team follows internationally accredited care standards based on best practice. These care standards, policies and procedures are developed, written and overseen, by our international healthcare advisor.


Martin Barrett Thomas MSc RMN, RGN, ENB199, RN (USA)

Medical counselor

Martin has global nursing and healthcare management experience including, senior roles in the UK, USA, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Thailand.

Martin is a seasoned healthcare manager and clinical nurse practitioner, with 40 year’s global healthcare experience. Martin strives for the highest care standards, based on his global experience and excellent knowledge of international healthcare care standards and clinical best practice.

Martin has a proven track record of developing, leading, managing and motivating healthcare teams to achieve and surpass international accredited standards. Under Martin’s leadership, his team achieved the world’s first, by gaining international JCI accreditation for three large ambulatory healthcare centers. The same team would also obtain the best levels of client satisfaction in a large healthcare organization.

In a later role, Martin was able to positively impact on the operational service, and financial performance of a large disease prevention and screening center, taking clients seen per day from 800 a day to 1300 per day resulting in a daily increase in revenue of £21.500. This was achieved through research, strategic allocation of resources, motivation and development of a multicultural team into a dedicated, strong group with a common goal.

More recently Martin worked in Thailand to assist the CEO in improving the medical and nursing services of Asia’s largest private drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. This was achieved by initially evaluating the service against international best practice in safety and care. The writing of policies and procedures and ensuring adherence to best practices proved instrumental in influencing the delivery of optimal safe client care and treatment. This was reflected in improved client satisfaction.

Great Care Chiang Mai is very happy to welcome Martin as part of their healthcare and nursing advisory team.

Why should you choose us to take care of your loved one?

Great Care Home has been created and is run by Tanya and Sandy, 2 nurses each  having more than 10 years of nursing experience and care for the elderly.  They have a natural passion to look after and care for those of advanced years who are experiencing difficulties in later life.  Both our founders have the skills, talent and enthusiasm which will endear them to each and every resident or guest.


Jumman medical manager

        “I have a lovely grandmother who has lived with dementia syndrome for 10 years. I have needed to take care of her and support her through every condition, element and duration of her dementia. My aim now, is to use all of the experiences and skills which I have gained so that I may take care of relatives of others to ensure that they have a good quality of life when they are faced with the instability brought on by dementia during their declining years.”

        “I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Nursing science from Chiang Mai University. I love being a nurse, taking care of people and supporting them to be healthy. I gained the position of head Nurse in a care facility taking care of 50 elderly clients. I have since had a very strong passion to organize my own care home in order to give my patients the very best quality of life. My previous experience has given me a clear insight, not only of how to give the best care, but also how to avoid those issues which detract from that aim. There is no doubt in my mind that our Great care would be a perfect place for those suffering from the discomfort brought on by Dementia and Alzheimer’s to not only exist stay but also to enjoy the crowning stages of life.”



         Sandy Jugwanna is from a small town in Chiang Mai. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chiang Mai University.

        “I am the General Manager and Senior Nurse in the Great Care Team. I have over 10 years’ experience and knowledge to make Great Care into a fantastic home. I have fire in my belly and a spring in my step and I am incredibly honoured to be part of such an amazing team and company.

        All members of our Team have the same objective, which is to work to the best of our ability to enhance the quality of life and the wellbeing of our residents. I want to ensure that the very best quality of care is given and my Team will focus on providing our residents with the atmosphere which will enable each of them to make the best of what life has to offer.”


        “I was born in Chiang Mai and for years I have been traveling to work in business development in many countries. A few years back, I had the opportunity to come home, and I have discovered that both this city and its people still make my hometown a charming place. And one more thing I found was my mother was getting very old.
Nowadays, my mother is over 90 years old, and she gets sick from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes for many years and few years back she got dementia syndrome also. Anyway, one thing that never changed … she keeps asking and always remembers me.

        My niece “Tanya” always dreamed about having a care home business and seems she is happy when looking after elderly people like her grandmother who is my mother.
I wanted to see my mother having a good quality of life before her last breath. And I am also happy every time I see my mother or any elderly person smiling, hear their laughs and we should make them happy before it is too late. So, I intend to develop this business into a quality society, make every day a good, refreshing day. This is a pledge that I am committed to deliver to everyone a Great Care Home.

        I hope this place will be a community for gathering all good people to become a big family. Families who include people with “the same heart”, the heart to give good things to yourself and your loved ones. Perhaps someday, the day we are separated from our loved ones permanently, the good memories will connect you and your loved ones … forever.”



“My name is Wanwisa. I became a carer because I like helping people and making them happy.
Last year, I worked with a woman who could not walk after a stroke. I helped with her physiotherapy every day, massaging her legs and helping her to exercise. When she started to walk again, it felt like a miracle in my life then I looked after a 98-year old Welshman who had dementia, helping him with all his daily routines. I treated him with love and respect, just like my grandfather, and he remembered me every day. He had a lovely singing voice, and we often sang karaoke. I loved to hear him sing, and it made us both happy. I hope I can bring happiness and joy to more people.”