Long stay

For our Long Stay patients we are able to provide a personal attendant 24 hours a day. Our carers have been trained and supervised by renowned institutions in Thailand. In addition, our carers can speak both English and Thai. We are ready to provide exemplary services and we fully understand the needs of you and your family. Not only do we provide three meals each day but we also have a variety of beverages together with seasonal fruits which are served throughout the day. We offer an extensive menu from which meals may be ordered daily. All food choices may be cooked to order and great care is taken to provide truly nutritious, wholesome and delicious meals

Facilities available on site

We have a swimming pool for patients to exercise safely. Our pool system is a (Whirlpool) Jet system (and Whirlpool) to make swimming more enjoyable.

Gardening: – You can have a vegetable garden or Flower garden at our farmland. We will do this activity together.

Exercise by our experienced physiotherapist

Massage services by experts including Thai massage, spa massage, relaxing massage, and massage to treat pain in specific areas.

Outdoor Activities

We have shopping trips to the mall and community shops. We watch movies, practice bowling, singing with Karaoke. We organise visits to respected places such as churches, mosques or temples and we will augment these with outings to see mountain views, waterfalls, flower gardens, lakes. We can also witness the way of life of Thai communities, both rural and ethnic minorities. We can observe local culture and crafts such as weaving, silverware, and carving.


Our highly skilled nurses will take care of all your health requirements and medication. We have a range of ‘in house’ health services such as blood pressure, oxygen check, diabetes check and general health checks. Hospitals in Chiang Mai rank with the best in the world and our nurses will arrange a visit to a specialist consultant if ever you require their attention. We are a public health partner with the Chiang Mai Ram hospital. As a result, you will receive a discount on the hospital services because you are a part of the Great Care Home.