Why Senior Activities and Exercise are Important?

Why Senior Activities and Exercise are Important?

      Simple common sense tells us that people of any age fare much better in life when they’re physically, socially, and mentally active. This is especially true when we begin to grow older, as our bodies and minds begin to lose their youthful levels of fitness and their natural healing abilities. Unfortunately, grave problems can arise if a senior citizen does not make pointed efforts to remain active in meaningful ways.

      Exercise and Activities training in older people has been associated with health benefits such as decreased cardiovascular mortality. Explanatory mechanism likely to be involved following exercise was a change in the cardiac autonomic balance producing an increase, or a relative dominance, of the vagal component. Furthermore, endurance exercise training in older people decreases resting and submaximal exercise heart rate and systolic and diastolic blood pressure and increases stroke volume.

      Exercise and Activities may also have benefits for the brain centers that support executive control. It may be that strong executive functioning in itself may facilitate consistency for this challenging activity.

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